May 2017 Male

Athlete: Derek Seddon

Sport: Track and Field

Class: Senior

Hometown: Knoxville, Iowa

May Accomplishments: Seddon competed in seven events at three meets.  He became the program's first national champion since 1994, winning the discus at 183-0.  He also dominated the Heart Championships by winning the shot put, discus, and hammer.

Past Athletes of the Month
April 2017 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
April 2017 (Female)--Elise Warne (Golf)
March 2017 (Male)--Torren Jones (Basketball)
March 2017 (Female)--Chyanne Koko (Softball)
February 2017 (Male)--John Altieri (Wrestling)
February 2017 (Female)--Asia Laudermilch (Track and Field)
January 2017 (Male)--Torren Jones (Basketball)
January 2017 (Female)--Asia Laudermilch (Track and Field)
December 2016 (Male)--Jamal Boma (Track and Field)
December 2016 (Female)--Guadalupe Gonzalez (Track and Field)
November 2016 (Male)--Jamal Boma (Cross Country)
November 2016 (Female)--Alyssa Phillips (Basketball)
October 2016 (Male)--Jamal Boma (Cross Country)
October 2016 (Female)--Elise Warne (Golf)
August-September 2016 (Male)--Nate Van Veldhuizen (Football)
August-September 2016 (Female)--Courtney Cunningham (Football)
May 2016 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
May 2016 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
April 2016 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
April 2016 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
March 2016 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
March 2016 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
February 2016 (Male)--Steven Roundtree (Men's Basketball)
February 2016 (Female)--Tarah Alexander (Track and Field)
January 2016 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
January 2016 (Female)--Tarah Alexander (Track and Field)
December 2015 (Male)--Jessie Pernell (Basketball)
December 2015 (Female)--Vashti Nwagbaraocha (Basketball)
November 2015 (Male)--Dondre Alexander (Basketball)
November 2015 (Female)--Alyssa Phillips (Basketball)
October 2015 (Male)--Tyler Hafner (Football)
October 2015 (Male)--Dondre Alexander (Basketball)
October 2015 (Male)--Jacques Kaune (Bowling)
October 2015 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
August-September 2015 (Male)--Tyler Hafner (Football)
August-September 2015 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
May 2015 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
May 2015 (Female)--Natalie Booton (Golf)
April 2015 (Male)--Derek Seddon (Track and Field)
April 2015 (Female)--Maggie Yang (Golf)
April 2015 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Golf)
April 2015 (Female)--Brittanee Grove (Softball)
March 2015 (Male)--Josh Ruiz (Baseball)
March 2015 (Female)--Maggie Yang (Women's Golf)
February 2015 (Male)--Alec Schwab (Men's Basketball)
February 2015 (Female)--Tarah Alexander (Women's Indoor Track and Field)
January 2015 (Male)--Oliver Wells (Men's Basketball)
January 2015 (Female)--Katie Golomski (Women's Basketball)
December 2014 (Male)--Shane Bosek (Men's Basketball)
December 2014 (Female)--Stephanie Adams (Women's Bowling)
November 2014 (Male)--Alec Schwab (Men's Basketball)
November 2014 (Female)--Janay Pritchett (Women's Basketball)
October 2014 (Male)--Isaac Samek (Football)
October 2014 (Female)--Maggie Yang (Women's Golf)
August-September 2014 (Male)--Sam Tvedt (Football)
August-September 2014 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Women's Golf)
May 2014 (Male)--Sam Taylor (Men's Outdoor Track and Field) 
May 2014 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Women's Golf)
April 2014 (Male)--Kyle Mauricio (Baseball)
April 2014 (Female)--Brittanee Grove (Softball)
March 2014 (Male)--Alec Schwab (Men's Basketball)
March 2014 (Female)--Demi Coertze (Women's Golf)
February 2014 (Male)--Alex Edwards (Men's Indoor Track and Field)
February 2014 (Female)--Dani Stahle (Women's Basketball
January 2014 (Male)--Alec Schwab (Men's Basketball)
January 2014 (Female)--Janay Pritchett (Women's Basketball)
November-December 2013 (Male)--Marc Wilson (Men's Basketball)
November-December 2013 (Female)--Tarah Alexander (Women's Cross Country)
November-December 2013 (Female)--Dani Stahle (Women's Basketball)
October 2013 (Male)--Jacob Batterson (Football)
October 2013 (Female)--Kylie Giger (Volleyball)
September 2013 (Male)--Nick DiMarco (Football)
September 2013 (Female)--Maggie Yang (Women's Golf)
April 2013 (Male)--Alex Edwards (Outdoor Track and Field)
April 2013 (Female)--Maggie Yang (Golf)
March 2013 (Male)--Brandon Beasley (Men's Basketball)
March 2013 (Female)--Jennifer Whitehead (Softball)
February 2013 (Male)--Keith Steffeck (Men's Basketball)
February 2013 (Female)--Meaghan Foster (Indoor Track and Field)
January 2013 (Male)--Joao Vicente (Wrestling)
January 2013 (Female)--Orielle Thomas (Women's Basketball)
December 2012--Brandon Beasley (Men's Basketball)
November 2012--Jacob Batterson (Football)

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